Press Release

28 March 2024
EuroEyes 2023 Annual Revenue and EBITDA Reach New Highs, Continued Expansion to Achieve Organic Growth and Meet 2026 Targets
13 November 2023
EuroEyes Celebrates Grand Opening of Flagship Clinic across from Luxury Shopping Centre, Times Square, Hong Kong
30 August 2023
EuroEyes Announces 2023 Interim Results
21 August 2023
EuroEyes to Acquire 100% Equity Interest in FreeVis GmbH
6 December 2022
EuroEyes Foreign Exchange Movements Have No Impact
23 November 2022
Press Release (Chinese Version Only)
21 November 2022
Press Release (Chinese Version Only)
11 November 2022
EuroEyes Founder Increases Shareholdings
8 November 2022
New EuroEyes Copenhagen Flagship Clinic Officially Opens Its Doors
31 October 2022
EuroEyes Continues to Pioneer in Ophthalmology
27 October 2022
EuroEyes Recognised as Leader in ICL Implants in Europe
9 September 2022
EuroEyes Secures Four-year Medical Supplier Agreement with Carl Zeiss AG
28 July 2022
Euroeyes Signs Tri-Party Agreement of Mutual Cooperation with Leading Medical Universities in the PRC and Germany
6 July 2022
Euroeyes Named Largest Implanter of Zeiss AT LISA® Tri Iols in the World for Seven Consecutive Years
24 June 2022
Euroeyes Distributes Final Dividend for FY2021
13 June 2022
Euroeyes Appoints Two World-Leading Ophthalmologists to Its International Medical Advisory Board
24 May 2022
Euroeyes Named Leading ICL Implanter in Germany
18 May 2022
Euroeyes Appoints Hume Brophy as IR Agency
1 April 2022
EuroEyes Completed Its First Surgery Day in Two New Clinics in Chengdu and Copenhagen
24 March 2022
EuroEyes Delivers Strong Results in 2021, Net Profit Up 106.6%, Lens Surgeries Drive Higher Revenue and Margin Growth
20 January 2022
EuroEyes Acquires 100% Issued Shares in London Vision Clinic Partners Limited
13 January 2022
EuroEyes Announces Positive Profit Alert
4 November 2021
EuroEyes Maintained Strong Business Growth Momentum in Q3 2021
12 October 2021
EuroEyes Welcomes Ophthalmologists Dr. Wladislaw Giesbrecht and Dr. Ahmed Medra as Group Surgeons and Medical Directors
5 October 2021
Construction of EuroEyes' New Flagship Clinic in Copenhagen Progressing Well Operation to Start in Early 2022
16 September 2021
EuroEyes Achieved A Record-Breaking Number of New Patients Applying for Eye Surgeries
19 August 2021
EuroEyes Announces 2021 Interim Results
9 August 2021
EuroEyes (1846.HK) Announces Positive Profit Alert
29 July 2021
EuroEyes' Chengdu Clinic to Start Operation by Early Next Year
15 July 2021
Senior Management's Further Increase in Euroeyes Shareholdings Demonstrates Strong Confidence in the Group's Prospect
2 July 2021
Construction of EuroEyes' New Flagship Clinic in Copenhagen to Be Completed by Year-End
17 March 2021
EuroEyes Announced 2020 Annual Results
22 February 2021
EuroEyes Announces Positive Profit Alert
27 August 2020
EuroEyes Announced 2020 Interim Results
11 December 2019
Shareholding Increase in the Company by the Controlling Shareholder with Great Confidence in the Future Development of the Company
31 October 2019
EuroEyes & UMH Jointly Develop Ophthalmological Services in Mainland China & HK
15 October 2019
EuroEyes Commences Trading on Main Board of SEHK
29 September 2019
Groundbreaking Ceremony Held for Euroeyes' Chengdu Clinic Trial Operation to Commence in Early 2022
27 September 2019
EuroEyes Announces Details of Proposed Listing